Online Safety

Internet Safety

‘When you connect to the internet you connect to  the world’

Internet safety is a huge concern for parents but should be for everyone. When you connect you essentially open your home to the world.

Feel like you know nothing about the Internet and keeping safe?


Google explains what the internet is.

Jargon buster: Words you hear but don’t want to ask what they mean.

Staying safe online: Simple steps for online safety.

Chat danger: Explains the dangers of online chat.

Useful sites and tools

Google’s safety tools: Tools you can set up easily.

Malwarebytes: Free Anti-Malware software This scans your computer for malicious software and helps get rid of it.

 Talk about eSafety

Think U Know: information for all age groups.

Kidsmart: eSafety in understandable language and games. I particularly like the SMART rules.

Know it all: Tips for all age ranges.

CBBC Stay Safe: CBBC covers eSafety in a child friendly way.

Grooming: Parents project explains grooming.

What is legal?

Music film and TV: Make sure your child is not downloading illegally.



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