‘What does your digital footprint look like?’

This section of my site is optimised for mobile phones so you can read up 24-7.

If you have time I suggest you type eSafety into a search engine. You will be amazed at what you find. To save you time here are some links I think you will find useful.

I have put them into three categories (Online, Gaming and Mobile safety) just like I do in my parents presentation so you can find more detailed information on the topics I try to cover in what feels like a very short hour.

before you start. Have you ever considered your ‘digital Reputation’?

Take a look at what you put online. What does it say about you?

What sort of role model are you? How long do you spend on your phone/online?

All links are to third party sites and were correct when I posted them. Please ask any questions or let me know about any broken links.

Online safety

Game safety

Mobile safety

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