2 Minute Tech

Look back at my 2 minute tech breifings for Teachers Talk Radio

Episode 1 : Shortcut Keys

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Script: Shortcuts are key combinations that allow tasks to be performed faster. You may be familiar with control C for copy and V for paste. Here’s one that may just change your life! Did you know there is a shortcut for bookmarking a web page. When browsing the internet you can quickly bookmark a page by holding down control and pressing D. If on a mac it is command and D. Once you press this key combination you are presented with the option to save the page into your bookmarks. Now that might not be the most earth shattering revelation in your use of tech but lets add a little more to the mix with an additional 3 key combination. Hold Control Shift and press B and you can show/Hide your bookmarks bar. On this bar you can park your most common bookmarks. Again, on a mac replace control with the command key. The bookmarks bar can speed things up and you can arrange about 10 bookmarks by dragging them around. Now lets apply this to teaching and improving efficiency. Do you use multiple web sites in different lessons and spend time opening them individually? Is your bookmarks bar cluttered or do you drop hyperlinks into your presentations and then waiting for them to open? Wouldn’t it be great if you could open all of your web pages in just a couple of clicks. Well you can! When creating a bookmark there is an option to make a folder. So while researching a lesson or topic you can save bookmarks into one place. Using the wonderful Control D. Here is the magic. If you right click a folder and select open all guess what? All bookmarks in that folder open in new tabs ready for your lesson! So when you are planning use ctrl D and make a new folder. When you want them all sites can, almost instantly, be on your screen ready to go! Those shortcuts again. Ctrl D bookmark, shift ctrl b for bookmarks bar and right click open all to open all bookmarks in a folder. If on a mac replace control with command. I’m Steve Woods and that was 2 minute tech. Do you have frequent websites you use for example web based email, teams, one drive, g drive whatever why not spend a bit of time opening them and making a bookmark folder. Now I open my email in the browser and log in… this will log you in to the other apps when opened…Next I right click my folder with my app shortcuts in open all and boom I have everything I need open for when I want it. Safety Do you set you laptop to stay on and never sleep so your pupils can do their workout. Most now answer yes. Undoubtedly your schools acceptable use policy will state you must always log out / lock a computer when leaving it unattended. Windows L on pc or CMD, ctrl Q on a Mac if you have a different device search for lock and the device name and the wonderful web will tell you.